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Thread: 2001 3.2 Isuzu Rodeo

  1. 2001 3.2 Isuzu Rodeo

    The left side cam gear broke while the engine was idling. It is my understanding that this is a non-interference motor. I installed a new cam gear and timing belt. The engine now has a power loss and a popping sound that is most notable during idling. When it is reved up some, the popping noise is much less notable. I have taken the front of the engine apart and have gotten all of the timing marks back in line just to be sure that it is correct, but the problem still exists. Is there a possibility that the pistons have hit the valves? I am at a loss here. Please help and thanks very much for any answers.

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    Hi Gary,
    Yes their is a really confusing way to time the cams on those engine. Many members have had to learn the way to do them as the book makes it sound different than the way it needs to be done. As for your poping sound if the valves did not get bent when the gear broke then the cams are out of time. I would do a leak down test to determine if you have bent anything be for tearing the heads off looking for something wrong. Hope it helps
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  3. Thanks for the reply, Dave. I may have hit on the problem. I ran across two videos that I only found this evening. I was lining up the timing marks on the cams with the marks on the heads. The video shows that the right bank needs to "spring" and line up with the mark between the cams at the 12:00 position and the left cam has to be "spring" and be lined up at the 9:00 position with the bolt hole first and then rotated another 90 degrees so it will line up with the mark between the cams at the 12:00 position. I was "springing" both gears to the 12:00 position. Hopefully the cam is just out of time and the valves are fine.
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  4. 2001 3.2 Isuzu timing problem

    Well, for anyone that may be interested, the problem HAS been solved!!! The timing issue was the way the left side (even bank) is timed. "Spring" the cam gear timing mark to the 9:00 positiom so that the timing mark is facing the bolt hole on the head and THEN rotate it on around until the timing mark on the gear lines up with the timing mark on the head between the cams. The right side (odd bank) cam gear mark DOES "spring" to line up initially with the mark on the head between the cams. I did not have any valve problem, only the problem with the even bank cam marks. Hope this helps someone in the future not have to suffer the headache of incorrect timing.

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